Five Pic Friday
Edition 17 - Embla + Toasted
Every fifth Friday i share five of my recent images in a shameless self promotion piece creatively titled,
"Five Pic Friday"

This edition is from one night during my recent project for Les Caves de Pyrène; a wine agent, importer, and distributor who specializes in organic and biodynamic wines.

So we were in London for The Real Wine Fair and Real Wine Month photographing the festivities and doing portraits of the wine makers. One of the evenings, we were invited to join some of these culinary creatives at one of our hosts' restaurants - Terroirs Group's Toasted. The event this particular evening was a pop up menu by the amazing team from Embla in Melbourne.

The meal was fantastic from start to finish, the company was wonderful, and i just wanted to spread the love:
Thanks for the warmth, kindness, and all the amazing food y'all!
have one hell of weekend my friends & please eat well.

*think of this like an unexpected high five from me to you because... it's Friday!
and, in the same spirit of over indulgence as the evening... here's a few more images
from the evening with Embla at Toasted:
all images © heshphoto, inc -

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