Five Pic Friday #16

April, 2017
Five Pic Friday - Edition 16 - The Hague Market

Every fifth Friday i share five of my recent images in a shameless self promotion piece titled "High Five Friday"

This edition however, is unfortunately of a more serious nature.

A few years ago, it was my great pleasure to meet Jim, the proprietor of my favorite general store, The Hague Market. 
That summer, Jim was kind enough to let us use his shop as a location for a little editorial story.
This week, The Hague Market was robbed at gunpoint and Jim was shot multiple times.

As Jim fights for life, i wish him all the best and my heart goes to him, his friends, and his family.
Please join me in visiting for updates and to watch for information on ways to show our support. 

please have a safe weekend my friends.

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